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Clients and partners

Clients and partners

20 years of designing and creating digital services to optimize your omnichannel brand experience

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Recent testimonials
Clémence Siriez de Longeville
Customer Experience Manager @ Foncia
« We called Stravia to help us redesign our selfcare digital apps, the cornerstone of the group's digital transformation.
With a perfect understanding of the challenges and a quick appropriation of the complexity of our businesses and the expectations of our customers, Stravia was able to perfectly support us in creating a fluid and unique digital experience.
Stravia's attentiveness, methodology and creativity have allowed us to take giant steps in the implementation of the project and its evaluation. »
Julie Rachline
Julie Rachline
CEO Braintale
« Braintale has particularities that made collaboration significantly more complex. Stravia was able to ask the right questions and accompany us in the reflection, recommend the implementation and allow us to put to music in an efficient and agile way. Quality, responsiveness and customer relations at Stravia were decisive!
This rare ability to adapt is an undeniable asset that makes Stravia a partner to recommend. »
Julie Rachline
Julie Rachline
CEO Lallianse
« Stravia accompanied us for the entire digital positioning of LallianSe with an understanding of our needs and our remarkable challenges and with formidable efficiency. The solutions proposed and implemented allow us to anchor our business in the digital world in an appropriate way.

Thank you to the team for this support! »
Trusted partners

Testapic is the French leader in remote user testing. STRAVIA supports Testapic on user test analyses, which are very effective in identifying optimization levers for websites and mobile apps.

> Testing protocols definition
> Users interviews analysis
> UX recommendations